Experience in Diemakers and Diecutters field

Supplies for Diemakers and Diecutters

30-year experience at the service of our customers.

FUSTEL SERVICE was founded in 1990 by Rocco Cafarelli who decided to create a structure aimed at the specific needs of diemakers and diecutters after ten years of experience in the same field.
In the half of the 1980s we were one of the first companies in the field with the presentation of laser machines with the best value for money. Today the market development allows us to boast the highest number of laser equipment on the Italian market.


In the sector since 1990

A modern race sailing boat is a summary of technology, with a crew trained and synchronized to respond to the stress and the elements adversities. Our company is a modern society with a team of experts in order to respond to the requests of our customers.
Today the analogy between a boat and a society is a common reality for many activities: competitiveness, products high technology, reliability are adjectives that associate a working activity and a yacht.
Fustel Service and its team have been operating in diemakers and diecutters field for many years, facing different problems, behaving like a partner and not only as a product and service provider. Our products are always selected and reliable, ensuring success to the users.
The rough sea of the competition has always incited us to maintain the course, whose coordinates for Fustel Service are: quality, service and value of our products.
In these terms Fustel Service has always proposed itself and will always continue to propose its high-quality products and machineries range on the market.


The client: our strength

With this sentence we summarize our corporate policy, the evolution of the sector has always seen us as leading actors in providing quality products and services. The constant attention and the strong presence on the market allow us a privileged observation point that results in our offer of products and machineries always in line with the times, in addition to an efficient technical support.
We work hard for our property
in order to always make our Society strong.
We work hard for our clients
in order to satisfy their needs and the requested high-quality levels.
We work hard for the human resources
in order to develop each skill and facilitate team work.
We work hard
to maintain a coherent and transparent behavior towards our clients, providers, colleagues and institution, as daily ethics and to continue spreading the culture of quality through a constant improvement, innovation and reliability of our services.

Fustel Service partner di BÖHLER


Fustel Service Partner

The Society, a part of the BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Precision Strip department, is world leader in the production of bimetal strip for saws for metal cutting, of steel for die cutters for the shoe and textile industry, and of high precision blades for materials of the packaging sector. We also produce special steel in cold-rolled strips with the highest surface finish requirements and tolerance.

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